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Chocolate is like a poem, complicated and beautiful 2

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-10-26
"The food of God" is particularly fragrant
Cocoa beans as the most important material for the production of chocolate laid a fragrant, irresistible delicious tone. In addition to the natural, pure cocoa aroma, there is a faint aroma of fermentation, which, according to the praise of the ancient Greeks to Theobroma, is a "God eat" food":

Cocoa blossoms on the trunk, cacao beans are seeds wrapped in white flesh, and they have no scent;

The fermentation is induced by cocoa aroma and flavor (sour, bitter and astringent taste) is an important step to remove the beans; exposure in excess of acid gas, let cocoa become more gentle mellow fragrance; 

The baking temperature and time finally determine the aroma of cocoa beans. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide mixing equipment for chocolate.
The joyful experience of "only melt into the mouth" YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular hot chocolate mixer.

In eighteenth Century the Italy wit Giacomo Casanova's eyes, chocolate is "win the heart of a woman, an important food must win her stomach," he wrote in his diary: "the entrance of the pleasant process."

When the French discovered, solid chocolate candy directly into the mouth, than cocoa powder in the pot cooking is more popular, manufacturers have begun to study the crystallization of cocoa butter and chocolate only to melt in the mouth ".

A piece of pure chocolate melts in the mouth feel, like peppermint cool, like the melting snow on the roof, dripping and moist. These are all "the first" after the formation of cocoa butter crystals":

The more crystalline the cocoa butter is, the higher the melting point is;
No. five is the crystallization of high density fat - crystallization, high melting point of 34 DEG C, room temperature is not easy to make the chocolate out of shape, except in your mouth; 
In order to preserve crystal No. five properly, it needs to keep constant temperature at 18 centigrade.

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