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Pierre Marcolini - LV in chocolate

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-09

If you have not tried the strong taste of the 100% black chocolate you don't claim to be a professional chocolate lover. Because only really felt bitter and mellow dark chocolate, can we truly appreciate the taste of chocolate and a moreish charm. In Europe the friend living in the travel or travel process may have tasted the bitter dark chocolate mellow taste, absolutely unforgettable. And back home, but almost can not find the true quality of the 100% black qiao. Now the domestic market can buy chocolate mostly by a variety of additives, sugar, cream mixture, buy the real cocoa chocolate made by refining the opportunity very little. If you want to be a top chocolate tasting expert, be sure to give yourself a chance to taste the real aroma of real chocolate.

Discover Maison Pierre Marcolini s iconic chocolate: a dark-chocolate "Ganache with raspberry bits and lemon zest for extra zing. The C ur is a perfect Framboise illustration of refinement and indulgence a truly unique tasting experience., Belgium's most traditional chocolate making process is the first to the manor around the world selected cocoa beans, shipped back to their workshop for processing and packaging and the sale of the whole process, are completed by the workshop of his party. But such a high cost, long time, after the Second World War, Europe entered the economic development gold period, rich people increased, the purchasing power of strong, traditional chocolate mill production has not kept pace with the rich people's demand, so this time-consuming way slowly lost production cost.

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