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You can't deny chocolate, just like you can't deny love.

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-09

Friends's big guy Joey, Italy descendants, there is a set of Chandler asked him: "left hand jam", "right hand beauty", which one do you choose? Joey: Well, you'd better put your hands together. This sweet life Italy handsome guy, in addition to eating jam, also love to eat a triangular strip of chocolate, and try to find out is the SwissToblerone Swiss triangle chocolate, so determined to follow the trend to buy to eat!

The ancient Romans used the snow against the juice, honey; the ancient Greeks used ice iced the Alps favorite berry; French Brownie sold on the pounds; Italian breakfast must eat jam! Not only Italians, but all of Europe loves sweets. Since ancient times, without exception. Although Europe eat sweet traditional different, but the universal chocolate in which all around the world, chowhound love! You can't deny chocolate, just like you can't deny love.

DOMORI from Italy, known as the world's top 9 chocolate top, is made from the world's finest cocoa ingredients and has a unique and pure taste. DOMORI has won many world prizes, and is recognized as the first! It is the first but has the reason, DOMORI Murray in the chocolate industry occupy a lot of songs first, for example, it is the first written rules and the promotion of chocolate appreciation company in the world, the rules of chocolate flavor, texture, freshness, taste are clear indicators of the world; the first 10 kinds of single source processing high-quality cocoa chocolate mill; the world's first produced 100% black chocolate cocoa in the workshop, and Domori produced 100% dark chocolate is the world's one of the few pure natural, no artificial additives 100% black chocolate cocoa. In 2010 the world's good chocolate winner DOMORI Murray 100% cocoa sugar free pure chocolate, the enduring popularity of the king, with the most primitive without any added cocoa fragrant, pure natural flavor, the taste is the one and only worth a try.

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