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How can you effectively tell the difference between chocolate

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2018-01-03
With the generalization of chocolate, more and more consumers to buy the food, it is because of the increase of demand, the category of chocolate on the market is various, different brand quality is uneven. This is a difficult problem for consumers, how can we choose the good quality chocolate and live up to the money we spent? The following methods are used to identify the quality of chocolate.For more information, you can click chocolate machine manufacturers.

1. The melting point of chocolate is at 35 degrees centigrade, the entrance is made and there will not be any residue in the teeth.

2. Knock on the table, the quality chocolate is hard, and the mouth is crisp.

3. Open the package and look at the good quality of chocolate. The most distinctive feature of its appearance is the light brown. Dark, dark chocolate or poor quality, poor quality, and poor quality of chocolate have little gloss, very rough appearance or even cracking.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular chocolate equipment supplier china.

4, smell. Excellent chocolate with a strong and unique aroma. To complement and enrich this aroma, in chocolate also often add the raw material that produces other aroma, such as milk powder, milk fat, malt, almond, add sweet milk to wait. If the aroma of chocolate is weak, the quality is poor.

5, taste. The composition of various materials produces a comprehensive taste of chocolate. Much depends on the cocoa butter. Theobromine and caffeine in cocoa butter bring a pleasant bitter taste, and tannin in cocoa butter brings a slightly astringent astringency. Sugar is the base of sweetness, and it plays a role in regulating flavor, making the bitter, astringent and sour taste of cocoa taste beautiful. If you have a sour taste or a musty smell, it's a poor quality chocolate.

6. Smooth texture is one of the important characteristics of chocolate. This feature need to identify with the tongue, the exquisite lubrication of chocolate is determined by the composition chocolate raw material fineness, different fineness of material, gives the pressure of the tongue is different, and thus produces the feeling that the thickness. In addition, it is also a factor to measure the accuracy of processing.

7. Soft and hard change: chocolate is sensitive to heat. When the summer temperature is high, it is easy to soften, even lose its original shape, and when the weather turns cool, it is slowly hardening, which is due to the characteristics of cocoa butter in chocolate. Good quality chocolate has this change.

8 and brittleness: in the winter, if you break a thin piece of chocolate, you can clearly hear the sound of the broken when brittle crack, can be seen on the fracture section of chocolate also neat crystalline pattern. Chocolate is cracked when cold, because chocolate contains a lot of cocoa butter, because brittleness is a characteristic of cocoa butter. If chocolate lacks brittleness, it means that chocolate has less cocoa and less quality.

More than just at the beginning of eight kinds of method can distinguish the pros and cons of chocolate, generally can be in this way, in fact there is a kind of method can also identify chocolate, that is from the content of cocoa flavanols measurement. Cocoa flavanols are found in plant foods, potential health promoting effects of compound, it enriched the taste of chocolate, but not all of the chocolate contains the ingredients, so only use this method to identify may not very accurate. For more information, you can click Automatic Chocolate Making Machine Manufacturers.

Generally speaking, the quality of chocolate in big brands is more assured, and everyone is pursuing the quality life, which can be combined with the above methods to identify suitable chocolates. China,

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