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Find the true love of hot chocolate

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  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2018-01-04
If chocolate is necessary for valentine's day gift, most love the taste of drinks: hot chocolate is cocoa aromas in the tip of the tongue touching, is little shyness under the hot temperature milk incense, sweet, smooth, drink can't help but blush.

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Chocolate raw material

It is the foundation of "drinking can not help". Chocolate specialty stores use their own solid chocolate, and see it. Others use Cocao Barry, Valrhona brands such as Chocolate Chips (Chocolate), also be the conscience businesses (there are more advanced such as Oialla, marou, the original beans, etc., due to the cost, the supply of domestic few shops use).

The overall taste

Although milk quality hot qiao is not so big as the latte, the influence of the process of stewing, heating temperature, the final alignment has a great influence of chocolate with milk, such as standard of tempering process will make more silky chocolate taste, heated high temperature will lead to beverage layered, the addition of whipped cream makes more well-developed fruity taste.

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And the difference between people


The cocoa content of the chocolate chip affects the ultimate sweetness: generally, the higher the cocoa content, the lower the sweetness.

Chocolate dosage affects consistency: the higher the ratio of milk, the thicker and thicker. Others add cream, gelatine and corn starch.

The preferences of sweetness and concentration vary from person to person. For example, in my opinion, the good thing to drink is 100g 72% of dark chocolate +150g fresh milk + my weight so much love.

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