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From a class coco tree to a chocolate

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-11-16
This is the fantastic cocoa tree, which usually grows in the tropics of Africa and South America. Southeast Asia also have production, but the quality will be worse.

The cocoa tree is the fruit of cocoa fruit, mature cocoa fruit weighs about 1 kg, 10 bags of instant noodles even more. There is about 20-40 cacao beans in a cocoa fruit. The cocoa beans just peeled off are pure white with absolutely no chocolate flavor.

The cocoa beans that have just been collected are fermented in a thermostatic chamber at 52 ° C and have a chocolate scent. Fermentation takes about 3 to 9 days and cocoa beans slowly turn dark brown in the process.

And then is drying, the cocoa beans after fermentation also contains a lot of water, in order to facilitate the preservation of transport, to remove excess water in cocoa beans. This process also takes 3 to 9 days, after screening but also screening unqualified cocoa beans.
Then the chocolate is shipped to the factory for processing.YOQ chocolate machinery is a famous company providing automatic chocolate making machine.

The chocolates being sent to the processing plant are first roasted and bake for two hours at a temperature of 121 ° C. After this process, the cocoa beans emit an attractive chocolate scent.

Then you need to go through many processes to remove cocoa beans shell, and broken down into cocoa powder and cocoa butter. But cocoa butter is a good thing, whitish yellowish color, chocolate silky taste depends mainly on it, and cocoa powder is cocoa butter with the other part of the ground into powder, better reflect the unique chocolate flavor.

And then cocoa butter, cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla, butter and other raw materials, according to a certain percentage of mixed together. Different mixing ratio, to create a different chocolate.

The next process is coarse grinding and fine grinding, is to mix good raw materials into the container, repeated rolling, friction, high-quality chocolate to be refined for a full three days, ground into a dozen micron particles, so do The chocolate will be particularly delicate.The picture below is YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY providing chocolate beans molding machine for grinding cocoa beans.

From liquid chocolate to solid chocolate process, called thermostat. This process will be repeated chocolate warming and cooling, in order to change the structure of chocolate, chocolate chocolate, so that it can produce a rich and delicate taste, otherwise, it will eat rustle
The last step is shaping, and finally, the chocolate is done.

A cacao tree about 10 years to mature, fruitful cocoa fruit. And a 1000 grams of cocoa fruit, probably only make 50 grams of chocolate. Precious, rigorous, high quality, this is the story of a cacao tree to a piece of chocolate.

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