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How to make chocolate? 3

  • Author:Tony
  • Release on:2015-08-06

How to make chocolate? 3

Tempering the Chocolate:

This is the final stage before pouring your bean-to-bar chocolate into your chocolate moulds. Click here to see how to temper chocolate on a marble slab and here for other methods. However there is a way to successfully temper chocolate at home using a much simpler method that just takes a bit longer. Pour your freshly made chocolate (which will already be around 45°C) from the wet grinder into a plastic or glass bowl (make sure the bowl is not warm – in fact if the bowl is quite cold it will help to bring the temperature of the chocolate down more quickly). Place the bowl in a cool area (not the fridge) and if possible put a fan near the bowl to speed cooling. The chocolate has to be cooled to its working (or tempered) temperature before you can put it into moulds. This will take around one hour depending on room temperature and you must stir the chocolate thoroughly every 5-10 minutes to ensure even temperature in the chocolate. The working or ‘tempered’ temperature will depend on the type of chocolate you are making:

Dark chocolate – cool to 28-29°C then use the hair dryer warm to 30-31°C

Milk chocolate – cool to 27-28° then use the hair dryer to warm to 29-30°C

White chocolate – cool to 26-27°C then use the hair dryer to warm to 28-29°C

Moulding and Cooling:

After tempering the chocolate you can pour or pipe it into your chocolate moulds. Tap the mould gently to fill the mould evenly and bring any air bubbles to the surface and put in the fridge to set. Cooling will take around 30-60 minutes depending on how big your mould is and how cold the fridge.

After 60 minutes take out the chocolate, gently tap the moulds to release the chocolate. Allow your chocolate to get to room temperature before tasting to get the good flavour and enjoy!

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