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How to make chocolate? 1

  • Author:Tony
  • Source:www.chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2015-08-05

Have you ever thought how great it would be to actually make chocolate from the raw cocoa beans to the finished product? Well now it is possible to make chocolate from Bean-to-Bar on a small scale in your kitchen at home. There are basically 6 steps in the process and they are as follows:


Cocoa beans are fermented and dried in the country of origin before they are exported in hessian sacks, however it is necessary to roast the beans (much like coffee) to not only enhance the lovely roasted flavour but also to eliminate any microbiological risk. You can do this in an ordinary household oven set at around 130°C. The roasting time will depend a little bit on your oven and how roasted you want the beans to be but generally speaking you should roast the beans for around 25-32 minutes.

Spread the beans out on a baking tray and start with 20 minutes checking the beans at various stages to make sure you don’t over roast them. If you open your oven and you have a nice chocolate brownie smell you are getting close. Taste the beans to see if they have a nice roasted flavour. If not continue roasting for a few minutes more. Be very careful not to over roast or you will get a slight burnt taste from the beans.

Cracking and Winnowing the Beans:

Removing the skin/shell from the roasted beans can be done by hand. The shell only represents about 20% of the beans but should be removed before taking the next step. Once the beans have cooled apply pressure to the beans with your hands and they will crack. Once the bean is cracked the shell (also known as the husk) should come away quite easily from the roasted bean (also called the cocoa nib). Don’t worry if you can’t get all the shell off as a very small amount left on the nibs will not affect the final chocolate. As the shell is much lighter than the cocoa nib you can also try blowing air to remove the husks. This is known as winnowing. It can be quite messy so maybe a good idea to do it outside. First put the beans in a plastic bag and gently crush them with a rolling pin just enough to break the shell. Put the beans into a bowl and carefully blow air onto them. Because the shell is much lighter than the nibs most of the shell will blow away leaving you with just the nibs and a small amount of shell. For those that want to make much larger quantities of chocolate this is very time consuming. Therefore we recommend investing in a Cracker and/or a winnower. Click here for full details.

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