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Eat Chocolate to Stay Away from Heart Attack!

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-22

June 18, 2015 News / BioValley BIOON / - Recently, a study published in the International Journal of Heart on paper and confirmed by trustworthy chocolate machine supplier china

, researchers from abroad through research showed that daily intake of 100g of chocolate and heart disease and stroke risk reduce directly related; there seems to be no evidence that chocolate intake may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease reduce individual. But chocolate making machine china still recommend it.

The study is based on 21,000 adult individuals, the researchers tracked undertaken, but the researchers also had the relevant literature on the association between chocolate and cardiovascular disease were analyzed. Chocolate machine supplier and chocolate coating machine supplier, YOQ supported it. the researchers participants (9214 males and 11,737 females) averaging 12 years of follow-up survey in 3013 individuals during the study period experienced a fatal or nonfatal heart attack and stroke events.

20% of participants said they have not had any intake of chocolate, but chocolate daily intake of other individuals on average 7g, some individuals even intake of 100g of chocolate chocolate machine global supplier said; chocolate intake and a high level of individual age and BMI index is directly related to excessive intake of chocolate often high energy intake and body as well as high-fat low-protein diet related. The researchers said that compared to the intake of chocolate, not individual, level of chocolate intake high risk individuals will be reduced by 11% for cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease mortality risk associated with decreases of 25%. good chocolate making machinery china says chocolate is the good snack that almost suitable for every one.

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