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Detailed classification chocolate, is white chocolate a kind of chocolate?(2)

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on :2015-07-22

a.       Dark Chocolate

Trustworthy chocolate machine supplier china provisions, dark chocolate is tan or brown-black, bitter chocolate with a cocoa, its cocoa butter content of more than 18% of the total cocoa solids (dry cocoa, including cocoa butter) is greater than 30%.  Chocolate making machine china says the main ingredient is cocoa butter, a small amount of sugar and a small amount of milk (sometimes no milk ingredients), the larger the hardness of dark chocolate, bitter taste, aroma and taste of cocoa is the most mellow.


Although it is the most popular chocolate mass, chocolate machine supplier  says dark chocolate is rich in polyphenols, the obromine and other substances, health effects can not be ignored. Of course, chocolate coating machine supplier  reported dark chocolate sitting on a large group of fans, they think dark chocolate is real chocolate, which is not sweet taste as white chocolate. And chocolate machine global supplier think it is the most healthy one among all the chocolate.


C. Milk Chocolate

       best chocolate making machinery china display, add dairy products, brown or light brown, with a milk chocolate is the cocoa and chocolate flavor frankincense, its total cocoa solids content greater than 25%. 1870s, Swiss Daniel? Pete (Daniel Peter) with condensed milk to create a solid milk chocolate, then with the constant development, milk chocolate with a good mouth feel widely loved. It is highly recommend in trustworthy chocolate machine supplier China.

     High dairy content gives rich milk chocolate milk, sugar also brought a more moderate sweet taste, while the presence of cocoa powder and milk composition reached equilibrium, good taste resulting. However, since no cocoa butter, containing 25% of cocoa powder, milk chocolate health effects limited. Chocolate making machine china says milk chocolate is the best one.


    In conclusion, chocolate machine supplier, YOQ recommend chocolate is one of the best snack that suit for all ages of people. chocolate machine supplier are very popular in China. Chocolate coating machine supplier are also do. But YOQ as the chocolate machine global supplier, they would like to be the best chocolate making machinery China.



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