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Chocolate Master: Ji Shunying--Answer the journalist 3

  • Author:Jo
  • Source:Jo
  • Release on:2015-06-24

Journalist:how do you finish the task of processing oil from the cocoa beans?
Ji ShunYing: I was thinking that cocoa and coffee beans are both kind of tropical plant, their processing way would be similar. There were coffee factory in Shanghai with the equipment to roasted coffee, and luckily, one of my classmates in the coffee factory gave me a hand. But when we arrive, we found they also have batches of coffee beans stacked which also came from the Africa help projects, and they have no excess pot for us. So I stayed there watching how they roasted the coffee beans and come back to try. So we had to borrow the semi-automatic pot from sesame oil factory which required human work a lot, very tough and tired work.
Because of the hardness, our 5 people group fall apart, only me left.
But what can I do except going on? After the roasted still got, we designed pot according to coffee factory pot, based on local idea and local pot, we finally succeeded extracting cocoa butter from cocoa beans. Cocoa butter, the raw material of making chocolate.

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