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Chocolate Master: Ji Shunying--Answer the journalist 2

  • Author:Jo
  • Source:Jo
  • Release on:2015-06-24

Journalistwhat is your first mission in the grease factory

Ji ShunYing: 1955, premier Zhou took part in the Bandung Conference risking his life, after which our country has joined in some

Africa help projects, and they rewarded us with a large amount of cocoa beans. At that time National foreign trade department

and Local products import and export corporations came to Shanghai, the good technology place in China, asking to process the

beans. We were pointed to take the task to process the beans to cocoa butter and cocoa mass for export. We are grease factory

and nobody knows about cocoa even the most experienced professor Wang and Ding, and neither know how to process it.

Our factory director said: let Ji Shunying to have a look at it, she is the the only university graduate. I said I do not know either honestly.

I peel off the skin of the cocoa beans and rub on the hands, oil comes, someone around said, our purpose is to extract the oil from

beans. I was young and willing to try everything at that time, I said we are grease factory, there must be a way to make the oil out

from theses beans.

The factory director then point this task to me.

We formed 5 people group for this task start without any idea to extract oil out. We had to lean on our own because of the limited

conditions: neither can we ask the foreign experts or import any equipment from abroad.

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