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Very interesting technique: 3D chocolate printers

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-20

"Here, we can create 3D printing form, not by forming interest, because they have a hollow shape bulge or 3D chocolate printing is a new tool for chocolate and cake manufacturers to create new forms, new things can better express their creativity." A beer bottle, a bat, and various other shapes lie in the Belgian city of La, in this lab of chocolate.

They have the latest product from the MIAM factory in Losangeles, which uses 3D printers to make perfect, mini chocolate sculptures. Gaetan Richard is the chief technology officer and co-founder of the plant. He demonstrates the process of melting the chocolate particles, using Bain Marie technology, and putting them into the injector in which additional 3D presses are added. Then connect the picture on the printer on the computer and tell the shape of the machine chocolate.

Although 3D printing technology will not replace the handmade automatic chocolate equipment, Gerbaud admits that this is to make them less trouble, and soon make new creation, improve their work: 3D printing is very interesting, because the small chocolate making machine manufacturer the main use of mold. The problem is that we need to remove the mold, and sometimes this is impossible. But 3D printing, we can make chocolate in very special form. On the other hand, the technical part is a bit complicated because you need to create a computer file in print format. But it's a very interesting technique."

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