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What kind of chocolate is suitable for biscuit coating?

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-22

Seemingly baked, some solid, hard, in fact, bite a mouthful, soft crisp taste immediately hit, more delicious than the simple cake, cocoa taste, partial adult taste, slightly bitter, but will not feel bored. Yes, that's chocolate coated cookies, different chocolate flavors, different cookie flavors. So, what kind of chocolate is good for biscuit coating?

Unlike the coated chocolate cake, cookies, chocolate coating on the quality of high requirements, so we have a more comprehensive understanding and grasp the automatic chocolate making machine can help you grasp the viscosity of raw chocolate chocolate, do cooling tunnels for enrobing coating material has good flowability and coating performance can sticky just perfect. Too thick, not only detrimental to the operation, but also coating thickness, increase the cost of products; too thin, it is easy to cause insufficient coating and uneven, so that the biscuit body exposed, not only affect the appearance, but also damage flavor. How to adjust? Mainly using emulsifiers to adjust. The most commonly used emulsifier in chocolate is phospholipids.

Another important factor of biscuit coating is chocolate oil, the exudation of chocolate grease, mainly because of the quality of raw material oil, the process of making and keeping. There are many chocolate raw materials on the market, the quality is also more diverse, the scale also has a small, but given the biscuits with chocolate coating quality requirements are relatively high, some large food manufacturers still have to choose formal, quality assurance of good raw material for chocolate manufacturers. In contrast to liquid chocolate, cookie coated chocolate chunks can reach the rigid quality requirements of the chocolate biscuit coating and reduce purchasing costs.

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