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Chocolate - romantic dessert

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-23
Black and white puffs is to attract people's attention, but also the children's favorite. All kinds of parties are getting more and more. A dish of roast this puff, then neatly lined up together on the table before, will lead to relatives and friends alike. Puff has many different flavors, fresh tea flavor, chocolate strawberry taste sweet, romantic, pure flavor.

Many of my friends are trying to make a chocolate puff, puff: a case analysis on the failure of several A expansion, the reason is the increase of the egg. If you add too much egg batter, will become soft. So while the toast will begin to swell at the beginning, it will become soft and atrophy later. B collapsed because the oven opened during the roasting process. C baked puff small hard, cause egg with too little. Puff batter on the egg to expand, so the egg with too much or too little is not enough. D is unable to form the internal puff hole, the reason is lack of heating batter. Add the flour, and then moved to a small fire heating two minutes.

When the butter is melted, if the water is boiling, the butter has not completely melted yet, first turn off the fire and wait until it melts, and then move on to the next step.How do the chocolate? Eggs must be used at room temperature, if it is just out of the refrigerator eggs, must be placed at room temperature for 2 hours after use. Because the egg temperature is too low, the batter will become cold, and it will be difficult to inflate when baking. When the dough to Riga egg, must add a little, not a one-time are poured into the pot. The finished batter is picked up with a wooden spatula and forms a triangle. At this time, the soft hardness of the dough is ok. Puff dough to make the surface water, the dough will skin crispy baked out of this. Never turn on the oven during baking. If opened, expansion of high temperature will fall down. If you do not want the puff cut, can also stab a hole in the bottom and then use the professional puff, puff pastry cream directly to the mouth, squeeze.We are chocolate enrobing line company, supply: cooling tunnels for enrobing, automatic chocolate making machine.

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