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We always eat not really chocolate now

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2018-03-02
I recently arranged a chocolate tour in Belgium, so I was watching chocolate related information every day.

One day omnipotent Tang Xiaoyan child I still check the information, asked: Do you know B2B?

Business to business?

You're too out, it's bean to bar chocolate!

From beans to finished chocolate? This sounds like the last time I visited Barista coffee in Yunnan last year. I guess, like boutique coffee, this Bean to bar chocolate should strive to show the original flavor of the cocoa beans, for which chocolateists need to handle everything from the selection, baking, and finishing of early beans.YOQ is a big cereal bar forming machine manufacturers in China.(Don' worry, it is absolutely safe and non-toxic website)

Sure enough, guess the same.

Seeking to show the original flavor of ingredients, to minimize the interference of human factors, seems to be a major trend of food art development.

But so many chocolate barrels on the supermarket shelves is not very tasty? Why spend more money to buy these "bitter" expensive chocolate it?

Because in a strict sense, you usually do not eat chocolate at all.

Everyone knows that chocolate should be made from cocoa beans. High-quality cocoa beans are expensive, while mass-produced chocolates are very cheap, of course there is tricky. Larger chocolate makers such as Kraft, Nestle, Hershey, etc., choose the standard cocoa beans as big as possible, the easier it is to obtain the better, but such beans lack the flavor of high-quality cocoa beans.

Second, the cocoa content in mass-produced chocolate is low. Like coffee beans, cocoa beans are baked and processed, the bitterness in chocolate comes from the baking process, and bitterness overwhelms other flavors if baking is not good. In theory, there should be different baking times and methods for different beans, but large manufacturers do not have the time and energy to do such fine processing, which results in unbalanced baking. In order to ensure a consistent taste, they had to add a lot of sugar, spices and other additives. However, the unique taste inherent in cocoa beans can not be fully reflected in the final product under such a simple and crude processing method. Sadly, 99% of consumers are accustomed to the taste of this mass-produced chocolate.But if you can buy cacao directly ,you can find any chocolate making machine what you like in our company like cereal bar making amchine china.

Truly good chocolates use only a very limited number of ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, and emulsifiers like soya lecithin. Based on the characteristics of each batch of cocoa beans, the chocolate masters make an infinite combination of these limited ingredients to make pure chocolates, each with a special flavor. Instead of giving the market millions of tons of chocolate, their aim is to present the world's most delicious portion of each batch of cacao beans.
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