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Do you know what is raw chocolate?

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-11-21
Do you know what is raw chocolate?

fresh cream is called “raw cream ”in Japanese.So the Japanese gave a name raw chocolate for mixed chocolate with fresh cream,just like ganache in France.

ganache a kind of cream ganache for slabbing bread,in addition,there are cream ganache for piping and butter ganache without light cream.It is a kind of  melted chocolate that is added fresh cream、butter、milk、wine and so on to let it’s flavor more plentiful.For example, wrapping a layer of cocoa on the ganache, that is truffle chocolate.If you want a automatic chocolate ball mill machine to make truffle chocolate ball, you can contact us.

Our common method of making stuffed or cream ganache for slabbing bread is very simple. The chopped chocolate is added to a proportion of the hot cream slightly below the boiling point, and allowed to stand still for a while before carefully stirring. Not much difficulty is also low. Although this kind of simple ganache also can achieve a certain smooth taste, but from the entrance of the raw chocolate silky still far, and this difference is due to the raw chocolate formula more than that Kind of raw materials. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provided high quality chocolate bean machine, you can make chocolate bean by yourself.

YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provided automatic chocolate conche machine.

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