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How to choose chocolate

chocolate-machines.com chocolate-machines.com 2017-11-20 15:48:50
Chocolate, is our daily desserts, especially girls, so put it down, how to pick it before you can pick the most healthy? Do not be late, here and Xiaobian together look at it.

step one:look exterior

Good chocolate have neat appearance, bright surface, smooth, uniform cross section, no bubbles and no moth-eaten. Pure chocolate is brown;Top level pure chocolate is reddish brown like cocoa beans;The color of milk chocolate is lighter, it should be gold brown; white chocolate generally is milk yellow.

step two:taste flavor

Small chocolate particles, the core raw cocoa liquor, cocoa butter low melting point, therefore, a good taste of fine chocolate smooth, good oral solubility. So-called chocolates made with cheap, low-grade alternative oils and cocoa powder lose the true chocolates, smooth and soluble, look rough and hardly soluble in the mouth, and are not allowed in many countries such as Europe, the United States and the like Products are sold as chocolates. Good or bad taste of a piece of chocolate from its natural cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and other core ingredients to assess the content, the minimum content of not less than 17%.

Although chocolate is made from a variety of ingredients, its flavor depends mainly on the rich, unique taste that cocoa brings. Good chocolate, high content of natural cocoa ingredients, pure flavor, rich. Pure chocolate has a more intense bitter and astringent astringency; milk chocolate has a mild taste; nuts in sandwich chocolate can not have hala.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY have automatic chocolate ball mill refiner

step three:look package

Packaging, that is, the appearance of the product. The appearance of the product should not be distorted to maintain the original shape of the chocolate; packaging refined, pattern integrity, printing clear, no ghosting. Rough packaging, poorly printed product must not be purchased, good chocolate can not be such a package.

step four:look texture

After breaking off the chocolate, you can see the texture. Good quality chocolate is very delicate and uniform, just melt in the mouth. The bad texture chocolate has many stomas and the luster on surface is dim, difficult to melt, and sticky teeth, may be rough particles, the flavor is very bad. Tasting time also pay attention to the taste of the cocoa there is no smell, there is no bad smell.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide good price chocolate pump wholesales,you can make chocolate by yourself.

step five:look ingredients list of cocoa fat content

According to China's "Chocolate and Chocolate Products Mandatory Standards" in the relevant provisions of the non-cocoa butter in chocolate fat content of not more than 5%, if the chocolate contains more than 5% on behalf of cocoa butter, it is necessary to clearly marked on the package " On behalf of cocoa butter "words, and on behalf of cocoa butter, it can not be called chocolate. Conversely, if the content of cocoa butter in chocolate is higher, the better the quality of the chocolate, the more expensive the chocolate is usually. Therefore, to be careful when buying chocolate Some manufacturers design packaging, the "chocolate" font to enlarge and color eye-catching, and "on behalf of the cocoa butter" small font.

step six: look information in package

Pay attention to the nutritional content of the product labeled on the package, the ingredient list, the date of manufacture, and the shelf life of the product.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide automatic chocolate decorating machine.

step seven:noto whether it contain sugar

According to personal physique to choose

step eight:look chocolate variety

Chocolates mainly include truffles, dark chocolate, chocolate chips, brownies, milk chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, multi-flavored chocolate, granulated chocolate, white chocolate and so on. If you choose to buy it, On the one hand to consider each other's favorite taste, on the other hand, we must know the meaning of different representatives of chocolate !

If you want to make your own chocolate,YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide automatic chocolate making machine