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Does eating chocolate really make people feel happy

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-11-22
Chocolate is a popular food. In 1991, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania published a study examining the preferences of hundreds of undergraduates and their parents for various foods. As a result, chocolate was the most popular: 40% of women in various foods and 15% of men said they would greedy chocolate. Considering that chocolate is just one of the many "greedy foods," this percentage is quite high.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY is big automatic Chocolate making machine manufacturers in china.
There is no convincing explanation as to why people like to eat chocolate.

The first hypothesis is that the sugar in it promotes the release of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin, also known as "serotonin," can calm people, reduce irritability and bring happiness and happiness. However, this is only a hypothesis, and not much scientific support for the evidence.
Another hypothesis is more prevalent, is that chocolate contains phenethylamine, is a nerve stimulant. It can make people more energetic and more excited. When the release of phenylethylamine in the brain, people breathing and rapid heartbeat, sweaty hands, cheeks red, live off is commonly referred to see the opposite sex when the "electric shock" image.Good package can bring chocolate different feels,automatic chocolate decorating machine can help you.

The second hypothesis favored chocolate traders, chocolate is also given the "love messenger" connotation. But it is not really tricky. After eating chocolate, phenylethylamine is rapidly decomposed into phenylacetic acid, and there is no chance of reaching the brain to "discharge" people. Therefore, chocolate makes lovers call, probably with the diamond also let the lover excited, mainly it is attached to the "content", rather than what it contains.
In 1994, another University of Pennsylvania researcher published a paper examining the ingredients of chocolate cravings. The result was that chocolate's appetite and pleasure did not stem from "active ingredients" in chocolate, but rather its sweetness, mouthfeel, and calories. Of course, this study has some limitations, such as the experiment can not be double-blind. That is, subjects can guess what they eat, which may also affect their feelings.
In short, not only chocolate, but high sugar, high fat foods, can make people happy. However, after having fun, their health impact still needs to be borne by themselves.If you want to get more information,please click China coated peanut supplier.

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