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How much do you know about the classification of chocolate?

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-11-23
Because talked about the classification of chocolate, different people, different opinions. Roasted and raw, sugar ratio, organic or inorganic, vegetarian chocolate and the like. All of these can be used as a basis for classification. This is too complicated. Today, I will introduce you to some common types.


Chocolate bars are the most common form of chocolate. This chocolate is usually bought at the supermarket. Chocolate chocolate machine has a lot of high quality Automatic chocolate bar production line.

Water Ganache

Anache is a French word that is a mixture of pure cocoa and pure animal cream. Water Ganache can be simply explained as liquid chocolate, but it's too thick to drink.

According to the consistency can be divided into two kinds: chocolate sauce is very thick chocolate, cocoa content is high; chocolate sauce cocoa content is lower than chocolate sauce.

Sauces are used in western traditions to make desserts, such as cakes. Spread more suitable for daily breakfast toast.


Chocolate chips are mostly used to make desserts, just like chocolate chips on the cake's surface. Because chocolate chips are small in size, they immediately melt as soon as they come in. YOQ Chocolate Machinery offers many high quality fully automatic chocolate chippers.


Today, Rocher has become a popular form of chocolate for many chocolate factories. Italian Mr. Ferrero is the inventor of this chocolate category and FERRERO ROCHER is Rocher's most successful brand in the world.

In fact, Rocher is not hard to make. Wrap a whole roasted nut (such as hazelnut) and nut butter in a crisp biscuit and wrap it with a layer of 30% cocoa milk chocolate on the surface and sprinkle with a layer of nuts pieces. in China.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provided automatic chocolate ball mill refiner.


Praline is the earliest French meaning "candy." When chocolate spread to Europe, British mixed chocolate syrup and chocolate candy was invented. Today, pralines have become synonymous with large amounts of chocolate, in the form of pralines.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY providing high quality chocolate pump in china.

Drink chocolate

Historically, chocolate was originally used as a beverage. Hot chocolate is one of the largest branches of drinking chocolate.

Hot chocolate is very simple, put some milk chocolate in the glass, then pour the chocolate powder and a little sugar, and finally mix with the hot milk until it is even.

Before 1746, no one tried milk with chocolate. Moreover, because the price of sugar is also very expensive, the taste of the ancient Romans for chocolate must be bitter.

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