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Actually we are always eating industrial chocolate

chocolate-machines.com chocolate-machines.com 2017-11-23 16:31:46
What is industrial chocolate?
First of all, let me pay the highest tribute to the pioneers of chocolate: they have not only developed the chocolate market and have made innovations and modifications, but also brought chocolate from the nobles' plates to the shelves of the convenience stores.

Like most people, my earliest knowledge of chocolate came from the chocolate produced by these famous brands.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY is one of them,which provided many kinds of automatic chocolate making machine.

But the truth is that quantitative change leads to qualitative change. If a chocolate company seeks to be bought by a bigger gold owner to expand the market, these companies will certainly change their formula and product positioning in order to cater to the market and control costs.

Most of industrial chocolate contain many kinds of chemical material.For example, the following:

Sodium Sulfite

Sodium sulfite is the most commonly used food additive in sulphite.Because of its low cost, colorless and odorless at room temperature and food spoilage, almost all big chocolate manufacturers are more or less sodium sulfite. Excessive intake of sodium sulfite can damage the nervous system, respiratory system and digestive system.

Artificial Synthetic Colour

It has bright colors, strong coloring, what color you want to bring out what color.

In the process of pigment synthesis, the addition of arsenic, lead, aniline, ether, chloride and sulfate causes the artificial pigment to cause different degrees of damage to human body. But when the girls were ecstatic in opening the chocolate box, did they ever think that the profusion of color on the chocolate was toxic?

Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat

Because vegetable oils have a higher melting point than animal fats, Americans have been thinking of making chocolate from solid vegetable oils for more than 100 years. So even in the hot summer, vendors can still sell chocolate. But hydrogenated fat is trans fats, once ingested, it will reduce high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the body, increase the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in the blood vessel, and will lead to a variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases for a long time.


A lot of sugar was added into chocolate,it is a business trick that almost all chocolate manufacturer know. In the U.S. food regulatory agency's survey of the quality of commercially available chocolates in 2014, all chocolate products on the U.S. market had an average of less than 15% cocoa solids.But YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provided automatic chocolate equipment which can greatly reduce sugar content.

The last and most important thing is industrial chocolate doesn't have good taste,most of the chocolate industry in my opinion, taste boring, no depth, could not eat chocolate real beauty

If you want to eat really chocolate ,you can make it by yourself.There are many kinds of automatic chocolate conche in YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY.