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How amazing that chocolate can caught 31 kilograms of carp!

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-11-24
According to England "daily mail" reported on October 26, recently,Nigel Ludbrook, a 49-year-old bricklayer, is fishing at the holm swamp in Cohen cambridgeshire  with a mixture of white chocolate and fish bait successfully caught a 68 - pound, 8 ounces (about 31 kilograms) of giant carp.To catch more fish, you need more bait.So a machine that makes chocolate is a must.

Nigel and his friends are planning a two-day fishing trip to celebrate their 50th birthday this year. To their surprise, they caught such a large carp. They nicknamed the carp "captain jack", while "captain jack" was seven ounces heavier than the current England's heaviest "parrot". After weighing the photos for captain jack, nigel released it.He said that to catch more fish seems to be going to buy chocolate machines to make more bait.

As a bricklayer, nigel usually hauls heavy items, but still feels powerless when he catches the giant carp. He said he just pulled it out of the water came out, the people were shocked, because he caught before the biggest carp is 35 pounds (16 kg), he has never seen so large carp.

Mr Nigel said he would submit the data to the UK's record fishing committee. However, a spokesman said there had been no request to update the UK's largest carp record.
It turns out that it's not just humans who like to eat chocolate and fish like to eat chocolate. Mix it with a mixture of chocolate and bait to make the fish taste good. Putting the bait in the water attracts the big fish.If you want to make more chocolate as bait, try one of our chocolate making machines.

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