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When chinese dumplings are caught in western chocolate

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-11-27
In our lifetime, every taste we eat, like tape recorded, is transferred to our mind by taste buds.
The small steamed bun from the northern song dynasty city kaifeng soup dumplings, when the southern song dynasty in jiangnan, development and evolution and into the small steamed bun, is a unique traditional Chinese cuisine, din tai fung has been to make delicate delicious for famous small steamed bun, is a traditional Chinese food eaters.First, you have your own chocolate making machine.

With the change of the modern tastes, more and more food not only limited to traditional, and really delicious food, there is no boundaries, there is an old saying: China "south sweet, north salty" means China southerners like to eat sweet food, the people of the north have a salty; This sentence to a certain extent, reflected the regional difference of food culture in China, at the same time, also reflects the people's taste and geographical environment there is a connection, but a kind of food can make people to lay down their tastes and become addicted to eat, that is enough to reveal the highlights of this material out of the class.Baozi, made of chocolate, is called "dark cooking" by many. In order to relieve the doubt, it might be better to have a curious heart to see the practice of ding tai fung's chocolate dumplings.

Press the rice ball into a flat piece, then place the chocolate ball into the center of the rice skin, and then gently squeeze the thumb and forefinger with the thumb and forefinger. The rice crust is completely wrapped in the kilogram force. After the chocolate is wrapped in rice skin, the next step is to make a roll. Gently bite open the small steamed bun, chocolate hot chocolate sucking air, delicate taste sweet, soft smooth, but also has a rich aroma, face Q play soft waxy, including the beauty of nature is just know.Now there's a magical chocolate machine Chocolate Decorating Machine that you can use to make your favorite chocolate in the long winter.So you can make your own chocolate dumplings.

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