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Chocolate is sweet, the brain will remember

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-11-28
Eating a lot of times is more than just eating, it is also a kind of healing, a kind of happiness, and a kind of harlot. Every bite down, it is under the eye, ear, nose triple look forward to the entrance to the sonata, sugar sprinkle with food produce fine grinding, prior to the mouth, eyes to see the colour and lustre of inviting, elegant modelling, then receives one share blunt nose nose and sweet. The good food comes to your nerves before you eat it, and the food enters your mouth as if it were the climax.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provided small chocolate making machine manufacturer.

The purpose of eating is to eat the stomach and get the food to perform the basic functions. It can also be art, stimulate the sensuous pleasure, and become the source of the change of mood. If food is divided according to maslow's hierarchy of needs, self-realization should also be the highest level they want to achieve. And the food that can realize the self-worth, also often can bring a person's incomparable happiness.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provided chocolate factory machines china.

In the food of human expression of happiness, chocolate delivers the distinctive strong alcohol. This cocoa - based food, calming and activating the brain, can even make people feel like they are in love. Flowers are natural beauty, but chocolate is different. From the basic process of making it to the final chocolate packaging, people can't leave it. If the people who make chocolate are unhappy, they can always taste it.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provided automatic chocolate equipment.

And in the heart, there are millions of people, actually because of the bite of the chocolate that changed, the nerve because of the sweetness, stimulated you to give it the memory and the expectation.
The happiness that chocolate brings you is indescribable. Just like the emotion itself, it's hard to say what it's like, but no one really knows what it's like.

Use an eeg detector to explore how people feel about chocolate. Hoop on eeg capture device, eat chocolate, close your eyes to enjoy for a while, then open, head for the chocolate and all about memories through the waves to graphics burst around you.

Well, the beauty of the picture seems to be the sweetness of chocolate that has been set up for its own fireworks.A pure color exhibition hall, because everyone's sensory experience changes.As you savor the chocolate, the light in your mind is projected onto the five screens of the exhibition hall, and the happiness you get when you eat chocolate becomes a visual art palace.

Each chocolate is a food concerto, playing a different tune in the brain. If you're a chocolate lover, you can try making your own chocolate, and that sweetness and happiness will fill your heart.

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