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When you start to pursue the origin of chocolate, it's really a connoisseur

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  • Release on:2017-11-29
In addition to the saddy-dog artifact that has been given to men and women, chocolate is now one of the representatives of taste. Not only has it already shaken off the M&M's impression of candy, but it's worth savoring it. Wines from each region have different flavors and characteristics, as are chocolate. The small entrance, slowly realize the melting of the silk, is the correct way to open the chocolate.We are YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY company, If you need automatic chocolate conche machine , please contact us.

This time, I will tell you the truth about chocolate flavor.

What kind of chocolate is delicious?
A lot of people treat chocolate as "candy" simply, which is really a big wrong...
A large portion of chocolate on the supermarket shelves, though low in price and unflattering in taste, is often industrial chocolate. Industrial chocolate is generally made from low-grade cacao beans grown on a large scale, and is baked in large batches by factory mechanization. With less refined processing, the taste will not be too good. So, in order to ensure a stable taste, the chocolate factory USES a variety of food additives besides sugar... One can imagine consequences - most of the industrial chocolate almost impossible to present, the unique flavor, cocoa beans should be under the effect of a large amount of additives, the flat, no level, some almost only taste sweet and milk, not really nice.
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In contrast to industrial chocolate, it is Artisan chocolate. These artisans, from the origin to the variety, from the craft to the packaging, to the elaboration of the craftsmanship, is really the delicious chocolate that contains the craftsmanship.

Today, the lovers are already tired of the flat plain chocolate industry products, top chocolate artisans began to not meet on the production process of cast, but put more attention to the production of cocoa beans.In order to ensure the quality of their chocolate and ample supplies of raw materials, many well-capitalized chocolate companies even buy cocoa beans from one or even the entire region. As a result, most chocolate brands come from developed countries, such as France, Italy, and Britain.

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The variety of cocoa beans
Like wine, the chocolate flavors of different varieties of cacao are naturally different.Common cocoa beans can be divided into Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario.

Often seen in central and South America, it is the good variety of cocoa. The fruit is sweet, fruity and sweet, but because of its small fruit and weak constitution, it is vulnerable to pests. Therefore, the yield is very limited, which is less than 5% of the world's cocoa production.

Relatively rugged, yields are much higher than other varieties, usually distributed in places such as South America and west Africa, which account for more than 80% of the world's cocoa. However, the rough Forastero is often seen as a synonym for industrial chocolate because of its bitter taste, high tannin and mediocre taste.

A hybrid of Criollo and Forastero, it inherits the high yield of Forastero and the aroma of Criollo, making it a compromise. Usually, Trinitario has spices, soil and fruit flavors.
Chocolate is also a material of the wind
Like wine lovers love bordeaux and Burgundy, many senior chocolate powder also has their own favourite origin: such as venezuela, Madagascar, grenada, Columbia, and so on and so forth.

Venezuela is located in the north of South America and the Caribbean sea. It is one of the highest quality places for Criollo cacao. Venezuelan cacao aromas, in general, full-bodied, long aftertaste, however, due to the complexity of the local ecological system and geographical environment, in his country can also be subdivided into many different styles of small region.

A single source of chocolate from Colombia should be the lowest tannin in common areas. Therefore, the chocolate here is exceptionally fresh and soft, with a smell of red fruit. Sometimes, it also presents a complex aroma of honey, bell pepper, and spices.

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