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Four methods of regulating chocolate

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-09-07
Microwave oven temperature regulation method
1, chocolate into the melting pot, put into the microwave oven high heat 30s, remove the observation state, repeat the steps until the chocolate melting state (no mixing).

2. Then turn the heating time to 20s. Remove the shake and melt the basin until the chocolate is half melted. Change the time to 10~15s. Until most melt, stir and mix.

3, and finally to control the 3~5s heating time until the chocolate completely melted, stir well, the temperature reached about 31 degrees Celsius use. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular chocolate depositor company china.

1, through the microwave heating way, in the process of heating for temperature control operation.

2, microwave heating process, pay attention to observe the state of chocolate, to control heating time
Advantages: it can be completed in a short time.

Disadvantages: can not be a lot of temperature at a time, the transfer of chocolate slightly thick.
Seed method
Chocolate melted to 45 degrees, adding 1/3 brand new non conditioning chocolate, stirring constantly until no chocolate particles, cool down to 32 degrees when used.
Water cooling
1. Melt the chocolate to 45 degrees, then put it directly on the ice water, then stir it with a rubber scraper.

2, cool to 27 degrees so far, in the process of cooling down, because chocolate floor chocolate will be condensed first, so to continue mixing, prevent agglomeration phenomenon.

3, continue to stir or water heating, so that the temperature rose to 31 degrees when used. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide automatic chocolate cooling tunnel.

Although the method is the same as the marble warming method, the difference is that it cools rapidly with cold water". In order to avoid excessive coagulation, the chocolate pots should be repeatedly placed on the ice water, repeated action, observation state.

Advantages: it can be quickly controlled with a chocolate Basin.

Disadvantages: can not be a lot of chocolate for temperature regulation.
Marble warming method
1, keep the marble table clean water, the temperature at 21~24 DEG C, the temperature of chocolate is heated up to 45~50 DEG C to dissolve around the amount of 2/3 in marble, smeared with a spatula and cooled to 26~27 DEG C, making crystal nucleus.

2, and then mixed into the original chocolate, so that the overall temperature of 29~30 degrees, and even stir to 28~32 degrees can be used.

To avoid mixing with air, it should be done at least a few times, so the spreading area should be as big as possible and mix quickly to reduce the temperature effectively.

The utility model has the advantages that a large amount of chocolate can be regulated at a time.

Disadvantages: need to prepare sanitary marble table, after temperature control, need to clean.

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