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Does milk chocolate really cause diarrhea?

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-09-08
Every summer, it will cause the occurrence peak of diarrhea, the diarrhea mainly manifested as: abdominal pain, diarrhea, hyperactive bowel sounds, intestinal infection is associated with fever, diarrhea, tenesmus, and uncomfortable to defecate stench, severe diarrhea will appear symptoms of dehydration.

Frequent diarrhea can be caused by these factors:
1. improper diet: such as eating too much, too oily, too cold, frequent replacement of new food, or eating spoilage, bacteria, toxins contaminated food, etc., are easy to cause diarrhea in children.

2.: cold, hot, bad stimulation spirit bad mood, or too nervous or frightened, can also cause diarrhea.

3. allergic diarrhea: because of eating easily lead to allergic food noodles cause diarrhea.

4. other: such as nonspecific ulcerative colitis, glycogen diarrhea disease, etc.. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular chocolate depositor machine supplier china.
Can chocolate relieve diarrhea?
It is understood that dark chocolate for beauty, prevention of vascular diseases, relieve diarrhea are good, is to protect the health of rare food. As early as sixteenth Century, the South American people know that eating some cocoa in diarrhea, but they do not know the mechanism of cocoa rich in polyphenols called flavonoids composition, is a natural antioxidant, can inhibit intestinal absorption and secretion of intestinal protein, chloride and water, thereby slowing the loss of water to prevent people with diarrhoea dehydration effect.

In all the chocolates, dark chocolate and cocoa content ranging from 50% to 90%, and the smooth mellow taste, diarrhea in his mouth a piece, it is also the gospel of intestinal, tongue. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide OEM chocolate enrober china.
Does milk chocolate really cause diarrhea?
On the other hand, the statement that chocolate and milk are easy to cause diarrhea is frequently reported. Some nutritionists believe that milk protein and calcium binding and the content of cocoa in oxalic acid into calcium oxalate is insoluble in water, after eating not only absorption, diarrhea, dry hair and other symptoms will occur, and even affect the growth and development. The mechanism of this chemical reaction is present.

But if you don't eat milk chocolate, then you don't know the process of chocolate. To know the cocoa beans contain a small amount of oxalic acid, tannic acid and other low acid, but we eat chocolate is fermented, dried, baking and other layers of processed cocoa products, contained in oxalic acid dissolved in water after several evaporation, until the last There is not much left. So milk chocolate or milk hot cocoa does not harm your health.

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