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If the chocolate fails, send chocolate sauce

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-09-11
This summer is really hot, not like words, can hardly move to forty degrees of high temperature, people in addition to stay at home, is to stay at home. Now the ice drinks on the market are dazzling, all kinds of tricks, all kinds of tricks. But as a nostalgic person, I still love the classic chocolate ice drink. Unfortunately, the chocolate ice drink to do good shop is too little, but fortunately, this thing is not difficult to do, recipes, hands, quickly take it ~!
Whole milk chocolate sauce 50g, 120g, 40ml special black coffee, Cola Ice 70ml, Vanilla Ice Cream 1, a little ice. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular automatic chocolate bar production line.
Put the milk in a microwave oven and heat about 10s.
Pour the chocolate paste into the milk and stir well. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide OEM chocolate enrober china.
Add ice to the prepared glass.
Pour the ice coke, the black coffee in turn, and finally pour the blended chocolate milk.
Add a vanilla ice cream to the cup and drizzle with a little chocolate sauce.
This chocolate float Cola Ice, even if the novice learns quickly also, the key is in the first step: sufficient heating can let the flavor of the dessert blend perfectly. The choice of chocolate is also crucial, different chocolate flavor, richness, smoothness, will affect the final taste of dessert.
When carrying a heart of a young girl, chocolate, looking for the favorite seniors confession, but because it was too tense, even the chocolate warm pulp. Now, why don't you just send the chocolate sauce directly?! The same delicious food, not only delicious but also not dirty hands, the key is by surprise, surprise, out of the ordinary! Blunder.

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