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Do not eat fat but also beauty black chocolate!

chocolate-machines.com chocolate-machines.com 2017-09-12 20:21:33
Recently, eat a piece out of the ordinary dark chocolate, it is not easy to eat more fat people, eat without feeling guilty. The point is, one more piece! Think about it, in this season to barelegged, "these two words, how many half beat" chocolate girl! But chocolate is really something good, especially dark chocolate. It can regulate the immune system, protect the cardiovascular system and control a certain appetite. It stimulates dopamine production, so it's fun to eat.

Good chocolate doesn't actually make you fat. The secret is the use of cocoa butter and cocoa butter. Mandatory standards for our country, "chocolate and chocolate products", provides for chocolate in the lower limit of cocoa butter content, requiring white chocolate is not less than 20%, dark chocolate is not less than 18%.

While many businesses in order to control the cost, use a large amount of milk and sugar, using cocoa butter (containing trans fatty acids) of cocoa flavor -- it is a lot of sugar, milk and trans fatty acids, let people eat the chocolate fat. This is not worth the candle. The chocolate I stopped talking about was the cocoa butter, its pure cocoa content was over 70%, and the cocoa butter content was over 36%, far exceeding the national standard of 18%!
No sugar. How do you get that sweet taste? The trick for this chocolate is to use sugar instead of sugar to express sweetness. Isomalt is in recent years in the world of new functional edible sugar alcohol, sugar sweetness is 50%, in foreign countries known as "isomalt". The United States FDA gives the highest level of food safety evaluation, and does not limit its daily intake, diabetics can also be assured of eating ~!

No milk, no sugar, no wonder this chocolate doesn't make you fat. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular chocolate equipment supplier china.

In addition, more surprising is that this chocolate also has certain facial features! YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide automatic chocolate coated peanut.

Yes, you heard right! Because of the manufacture, a certain percentage of the plant extracts (plant polyphenols, extracted from fruits and vegetables of different seasons) were added to the chocolate.
These plant extracts have certain antioxidant properties, can delay aging and dilute the stain. Therefore, eating will make people beautiful ~!

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