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What is chocolate making process?

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2018-02-27
Chocolate is really a global industry. Origin Origin Origin Mostly in Africa and South America Mostly in processing production in Europe and the United States, the consumer market around the world, such a careless need to travel long distances snacks, actually still very easy to melt, transport Conditions are demanding.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY is a great China bar making machine manufacturer.
People at the expense of chocolate so much, but also shows its attractive charm. Why is it so fascinated by our taste buds?

This is about chocolate, the most important raw material - cocoa beans.

As long as cacao tree in Africa, South America, cacao fruit knot is olive-shaped, about twice as long palm. Cut it open, there are thirty or forty white beans, which is the cocoa beans. You may ask, is cocoa not tan?

Yes, these white beans are untreated. After the fermentation, drying and baking processes, these white cocoa beans turn into glowing tan cocoa beans.If you have resources of import of cocoa bean,you must need some high quality chocolate making machine to process,such as automatic chocolate decorating machine

At this time, squeeze the oil from these cocoa beans, these oils are cocoa butter. Save the part, ground into powder, became cocoa powder.

This is cocoa butter, it is delicate and moist chocolate, the key to the entrance that is. Because the melting point of cocoa butter is about 30 degrees, slightly lower than body temperature, so eat into the mouth, will begin to melt slowly, this wonderful taste, can not be replaced by other oils.

This is cocoa powder, is to provide chocolate flavor, chocolate flavor, of course, the bitter taste is from cocoa powder.

But usually, only cocoa powder and cocoa butter is not enough, because cocoa powder is very bitter, generally add some other raw materials and neutralization.

Mix cocoa butter, cocoa powder with some of the other ingredients. To make all kinds of raw materials are very delicate together, but also need to grind for a few days, after the final grinding, into the mold cooled into a solid, it becomes chocolate.If you want to learn more information,please click We are a china chocolate machines and have chocolate equipment

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