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How chocolate is classified?

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-26

Because chocolate in the process of adding different ingredients, but also created its ever-changing face. Currently, chocolate on the market can be divided into ingredients: Dark, chocolate, Dark, chocolate, White chocolate., which is the most common milk chocolate. Recently, chocolate protein has been invented, adding vegetable protein to the formula, which combines the health effects of cocoa and the healthy effects of plant proteins, with low calorie and high protein characteristics. China's current standards for the chocolate industry require chocolate to make up no less than 18% of cocoa butter, and non cocoa fat contains no more than 5% fat. The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) stipulates that cocoa butter accounts for no less than 18%.

Dark chocolate, or pure chocolate, is mainly made up of cocoa butter and a small amount of sugar. The hardness is higher, and the content of cocoa butter is higher, slightly bitter. Dark chocolate is a favorite of people who enjoy the taste of the original chocolate. Because of less milk, sugar is usually less. The aroma of cocoa is not concealed by other flavors. When melted in the mouth, the aroma of cocoa spreads over the teeth for a long time. Even some people think that eating dark chocolate is the real chocolate.

According to the survey: milk chocolate tastes most oriental accepted, so the type of chocolate imported into the country is mostly extramilk (meaning milk ingredients heavier). In this kind of chocolate, the flavor of milk and cocoa is equal, which is suitable for those who like the smell of milk. However, this kind of chocolate feels more sweet. White chocolate, because it does not contain cocoa powder, only cocoa oil and milk, and therefore white. This chocolate has only cocoa flavor, and the taste is different from the average chocolate. Some people don't classify it as chocolate. Because of its low content of cocoa and high sugar content, white chocolate tastes sweet.We are China ball mill machine company, small chocolate making machine manufacturer, suplly: automatic chocolate making machine

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