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Detailed classification chocolate, is white chocolate a kind of chocolate?(1)

Owen Lee 2015-07-22 14:38:41

Chocolate, will make people feel happy candy. Hovering in a long time none of the sweet tongue dissipated, as if the man pulled out of the pain, only sweet, chocolate is such magic. Now, best chocolate making machinery china express affection has become the first choice for a single product, but if a friend asked, favorite girls like white chocolate, you can send her a white chocolate? Is white chocolate a kind of chocolate? Today,trustworthy chocolate machine supplier china, YOQ will count common type of chocolate, which you can find the answer.

1.      the definition of chocolate

Chocolate making machine China says, Chocolate is cocoa products (cocoa butter, cocoa liquor or cocoa powder), sugar and / or sweeteners as the main raw material, with or without added dairy products, food additives, solid food made by a specific process which can be made by chocolate machines from chocolate machine supplier.

2.      The classification of chocolate

Chocolate machine global supplier reported, due to differences in the production process added ingredients, chocolate has a variety of categories, and the classification is different in different countries. Best chocolate making machinery china give different answers. GB, the percentage of cocoa butter in chocolate accounts for not less than 18% of non-cocoa butter fat content of no more than 5%, which chocolate and chocolate products specified in the chocolate coating machine supplier(CCMC), in addition to cocoa butter fat content not exceed 5% of the final product is the same. Visible, Chinese national standards with international standards have a certain commonality.

About chocolate classification, trustworthy chocolate machine supplier china will be divided into white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate, the following will introduce one by one.

a.       White Chocolate

Chocolate making machine China shows, white chocolate is chocolate without the addition of non-fat cocoa substances, their cocoa butter content greater than 20%. White chocolate generally consists of cocoa butter, dairy products and sugar made without any cocoa powder, so its color is white, and has lost most of the flavonoids, almost no health effects. Therefore, chocolate machine supplier does not recommend white chocolate as  a snack.

Due to the high sugar content, white chocolate is the sweetest taste of all. It is worth mentioning that the cocoa butter, also known as cocoa butter, is a highly saturated fat. Thus white chocolate is high in fat, chocolate coating machine supplier recommend do not eat much.

Of course, there are some white chocolate is chocolate does not recognize the existence of view, it is merely a definition of the problem, without too much tangled, the key is personal preference. Chocolate machine global supplier also says, if you like to eat white chocolate, would you give up because the problem of chocolate?