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The chocolate chemist

  • Author:Tony
  • Release on:2015-07-07
A good pastry chef does everything with a mathematical precision, Xu Junqian meets a master of the trade.

As he juggles flasks and calculates numbers down to the last decimal point, Ye Wei, donning a spotless white coat, looks more like a chemist than a pastry chef.

He is in fact, a culinary guru and one of the city’s most-recognized and most-dangerous men, who by rights, should held responsible for a substantial amount of the calories Shanghai residents consume, powerless to resist.

And among Ye’s arsenal of sweets, chocolate is his weapon of choice. "It’s (chocolate) the most diversified (confectionary). Ninety percent (of cocoa) provides a sheer bitterness; 50 percent hits Shanghai’s favorite balance of sweet and bitter. Every one percent change provides a different experience on the palate," says the Shanghai chocolatier.

Ye recalls cooking his first culinary school assignment, a sponge cake, in a Chinese traditional soup pot, called a shaguo. He described the cake as "discouraging a second bite".

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