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Three factors affecting the temperature of chocolate - Temperature

chocolate-machines.com chocolate-machines.com 2017-09-01 12:37:21
The formation of perfect cocoa crystals is achieved by regulating the temperature. The existence of cocoa crystals requires a certain environment, such as the crystal will not exist at no more than 17 degrees centigrade. After this temperature, its shape will change and become another crystal.
Let me first introduce the temperature of the 6 different states of the cocoa crystal:

It's 1:17
It's 2:23
Condition 3:25.5 DEG C
It's 4:27
It's 5:34
It's 6:36

Almost all of the crystal is not stable, the internal norm is chocolate loose, weak and uneven fat, this chocolate might generally occur in two situations: when the liquid is difficult to solidification, temperature higher than room temperature or heat to melt it soon. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most popular chocolate conching machinery supplier.

So what is the grade of cocoa crystals in perfect chocolate? When the temperature of the cocoa crystal reaches 5. The cocoa crystals in this state are closely packed, and the strength and stability of the chocolate are good. So it can be said that chocolate conditioning is by adjusting the range of temperature, so that the cocoa crystal to achieve the perfect level of state 5 process.

Now I'm going to illustrate the changes in cocoa butter by adjusting the temperature of dark chocolate with marble: YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide automatic chocolate chips production line.

PS: different brands of chocolate temperature regulation will be slightly different, the basic product packaging will be marked, the actual temperature adjustment, refer to their choice of chocolate brand guidance temperature can be.

First, heat the chocolate to a temperature that no crystal will exist, which gives us a space to retrieve the crystals. This temperature is 45 degrees for dark chocolate (over 58% cocoa), 40 degrees for milk chocolate and white chocolate. Why are there differences between them? Because milk and white chocolate contain more milk powder than dark chocolate, they are more likely to burn and melt at high temperatures.

The absence of crystals in chocolate at high temperatures of 45
Dark chocolate melts, is heated to 45 DEG C, followed by cooling: cooling process is to make the crystal temperature in the state of 1-4, this time we want to create the environment for the growth of crystals and allow sufficient time to let them reach the perfect level slowly state 5.

▲Hexagonal state 5 perfect crystal "
After cooling, perfect crystals (hexagons) of state 5 are slowly generated between unstable crystals (other shapes) of state 1-4, when the state of chocolate is lacking in stability.
Now you have seen the crystal state 5 is 29.5 degrees in the way, at this time also need proper heating, perfect structure of excess heat can make all the crystal can grow to 5 (temperature up to 32.5 DEG C); the temperature is over? Not necessarily.

When the temperature is back, the crystal of state 1-4 is completely decomposed and recombined to form a perfect crystal at the state of 5 (only hexagonal crystals exist at this time)
Cool and warm chocolate is far from enough. From a technical level temperature control, you can put the chocolate melts directly into the heating room temperature, it will reach 5 of the temperature state, but this cannot be called have temp. The following figure is a negative example:
This is the chocolate heating to 45 DEG C, direct cooling in the constant temperature room effect after its temperature reached the temperature when making chocolate, it looks really setting, but in fact it is not strong and easy to fragmentation; so it is only the change of temperature is not enough to reach the purpose of regulating chocolate.

For more information, you can click automatic chocolate cooling tunnel.