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Chocolate storage method

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-27

Chocolate is a sweet tooth that many people like very much, but for the storage of chocolate, many people often go into some misunderstandings, thus affecting the original taste of chocolate. So what's the right way to store chocolate? What if we eat only a little chocolate and an endless amount of chocolate every day? Do not leave the chocolate in the refrigerator until the room temperature is too high. The primary factor for preserving chocolate is to keep it in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Don't leave chocolate in a strange smell. Since many odors come from some volatile substances, most of these volatiles are fat soluble. And chocolate just contains more fat components, so it is easier to absorb these volatile substances, easy to string flavor.

Chocolate is a delicate and snacks, although the chocolate itself is not easy to decay, but because the cocoa butter is the only one that will melt at 20oC above the grease, so as long as the temperature a little higher, chocolate will begin to soften, once softened, even if again frozen into a solid, there are some differences in taste, so buy and save you have to be very careful. When buying chocolate, if you can see the chocolate itself, you must pay attention to whether the surface is smooth. If the surface is bright, it means that the chocolate is kept well and fresh. Because chocolate at high temperatures, not only will soften and oil from the beginning (commonly known as sweat), re frozen surface of the material will produce a white mist, this does not mean chocolate or cocoa is moldy metamorphism, oil separation results of condensation, can still be used, but there is no fresh flavor to the delicate fragrance. At the same time, chocolate is best wrapped with aluminum foil. The foil is insulated on the one hand and can be isolated from other flavors into the chocolate.

Chocolate storage temperature is best at 15 degrees ~20 degrees, chocolate bought home, can immediately practical finished, preferably if there is left, put in the shade can. If the room temperature is really high, then have to put in the refrigerator to save, do not put in the freezer, the chocolate will become too hard, the surface fog will be more serious, so placed in the freezer can be. Take the chocolate out of the fridge. Do not eat it immediately. Let it warm at room temperature. It is more suitable for eating.We are chocolate cooling tunnel company, If you need any chocolate machine, please contact us.

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