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Truffle chocolate pinned on the princess's homesickness

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-28

Shaped chocolate truffles because of the shape with the French famous "truffle mushrooms" similar to the name. Truffles are traditionally made with cocoa powder on their surface, which looks like a truffle covered with sand. Truffle chocolate comes in 3 flavors, American, European and Swiss, and tastes different, but the same is true of truffles in each style.

Truffle chocolate originated in France and has a long history of making and eating in europe. It's not one of the categories in the chocolate category. The world will generally be divided into four categories according to the content of milk chocolate: dark chocolate (<12% cream), white chocolate (containing no cocoa), milk chocolate (fat = 12%) and light chocolate (excluding cocoa butter).

A princess of Spain married into the French royal family, because she left her native place and did not want to eat after her marriage. The French royal chef to solve the princess of homesickness, then Spain abounds in cocoa production into French dessert, precious ingredients "whim as French royal favorite truffle" shape, distinctive made of chocolate. This chocolate has been named Truffes, which means "truffles" in French (English as Truffles). Later, the method of making chocolate was passed down to the people and kept to this day.We are China ball mill machine company, small chocolate making machine manufacturer, supply: automatic chocolate equipment.

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