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From the food of the gods to the sweetness of the lovers

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  • Release on:2017-09-25
Although chocolate into China, but a short period of a hundred years, but has been like roses, become the messenger of love.

In September 1, 2017, the new national standards for the formal implementation of the standard of chocolate, called "chocolate and chocolate products, cocoa butter chocolate and cocoa butter chocolate products GBT 19343-2016", the new standard will be two of the original standard (respectively on chocolate and cocoa butter chocolate) be made one.

You must be very curious. What are the standards in chocolate? How to distinguish the quality of all kinds of chocolate on the market? YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular chocolate holding tank supplier china.

Food of the gods

Chocolate is known to the Chinese people, but it is less than one hundred years old.
Although there are sporadic spread, but the chocolate really come into people's vision dates back to World War II during the Pacific War, accompanied by American aid and American soldiers in the U.S. military standard, chocolate gradually for the Chinese people to know.

In fact, chocolate dates back to three thousand years ago in America, the main component of chocolate -- "cocoa", native to central and South America, Venezuela, Mexico and other places, the early Olmec civilization is the word "cocoa".

Later, the Maya baked cocoa beans, dried them, added water and peppers, and mixed them into a dark drink called Chocolatl, which we now call "chocolate".

The Aztec people love this drink, drinking will sacrifice and other major occasions. So Lin named the cocoa beans "Theobroma cacao", and Theobroma was derived from Greek, meaning "food for the gods."
Out of America
With the discovery of Geography in the fifteenth Century, many of America's exotic gadgets began to be understood by Europeans. The first Europeans to find chocolate were believed to be Columbo.

In 1502, when he returned from the new world, he presented a number of wonderful treasures to the king of Spain, including cocoa beans. At the time, however, no attention was paid until another Spanish captain, Hernan Cortes, brought the secret of cocoa beans and chocolate drinks to europe.

The bitter and hot Chocolatl is naturally hard to get European favor, but the talented Spaniard removes the chili peppers and adds honey and other spices, a beverage that has a profound impact in the future.
The genius of the Spanish is not only in food, but the business mind is their foundation. For the sake of commercial interests, they have kept this secret carefully for hundreds of years.

In seventeenth Century, the two Spanish princesses married the king of France, and under the impetus of the two queens, the drinking of chocolate became aristocratic and fashionable in europe. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide chocolate grinding machine china.

Move from drink to food

Although chocolate is fashionable, it is not popular among the public, not only because of its high price, but also inconvenient.

As demand continues to increase, cacao trees are introduced to Africa and South Asia, where a large number of plants are grown, stable raw materials are supplied, and prices fall sharply. With the wind of the industrial revolution, new technologies emerge in endlessly, and chocolate drinks are constantly improved.

Dutch Coenraad Johannes van Houten pioneered the development of cocoa butter in the cocoa butter out of the method, and in 1828 applied for a patent, opened the door to chocolate solids.

In 1819, Francois Louis Cailler opened the first Swiss chocolate factory in lemon lake, produce the history of the first piece of chocolate. In 1929, Cailler chocolate was annexed by Nestle, but the brand remained.

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