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There are many great chocolate brand here

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2018-03-08
Today I will continue to introduce four  high-rank chocolate brands

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel should be the most high-end chocolate brand in the UK and the only company in the UK to have its own cocoa manor. It has developed rapidly, and there are now more than 70 stores in the UK. But it does not expand, still maintain a good quality, and in the world's big chocolate awards, it is often seen that the family won the prize.

It's kind of chocolate very much, black chocolate bar is not to say, recommend it for Saint Lucia, the most worth mentioning is that all kinds of chocolate, with rum truffles, hazelnut sandwich to eat the good, and I love the passion fruit clip heart ~ pretty a balance is not greasy.

I think this is also a chocolate that is very suitable for giving people, because whether it is chocolate itself or the color of package is quite high, even the black and smart block is also different from others.

Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger can be said to be the most famous handmade chocolate shop in Paris. There has been such a saying in the gourmet circle: to Paris, I only see its status for Patrick Roger. The most amazing thing about Patrick Roger is that he is not only a super chocolate master. He won the good chocolate teacher's honor of French Meilleur Ouvrier at the age of 31, and he is also an outstanding chocolate sculptor. His chocolate sculpture is vivid and artistic, and every other time, the shop window will change a huge chocolate sculpture.

But don't think Patrick Roger is on the sculpture to eat, it is also the good chocolate cocoa raw material, it can be discharged from the block to see one or two, good taste and. Its black and ingenious chunk is divided into three series, No.1, No.2, No.3. No.1 series of more primitive coarse ore, No.2 taste more round and balanced, No.3 black cocoa bean source is very rare, with rich diversity. All blocks uniform with textured tin packaging, with a simple logo, is the perfect interpretation of the "advanced" three words.

At the same time, the Patrick Roger's all kinds of sandwich chocolates are completely free from its chunk, or even more pleasing, because some are really beautiful!

Colorful, dreamy and delicious, such as its planet chocolate, three different kinds of green are sour, but they are three kinds of lemon, vinegar and raisin, grapefruit and lemongrass. I really think a box of Patrick Roger is sure to win.

Pump Street Bakery

First, the package of its bread bag is very impressive, and inside it is a delicious chocolate, giving people a sense of contrast. But this is for a reason. Pump Street Bakery was originally a small family bread house and chocolate shop in England. It was founded in 2010 by Chris and his daughter Joanna.

It is also rare that it is also one of the few British chocolate makers who insist on bean-to-bar. Father and daughter spent two years looking for the good cocoa beans in the world, directly importing beans from the good cocoa estate, and making chocolate in their own bakery. The results are satisfactory, the store is small, but swept the major international chocolate awards.

Perhaps because itself is also a good baker, and the two is also keen on innovation, yeast bread and chocolate skillfully blend together, they add the yeast bread in dark chocolate, with sea salt dotting, out of the yeast 66% dark chocolate is rich in salt and flavor levels, needless to say, also won the prize. In addition, the recommended 70% Grenada. It was the first time to eat lots of yummy buddy are beautiful.

Pierre Marcolini

Although chocolate is always associated with Valentine's day, but if you ask whose chocolate is the most popular Valentine's day, I think it's Pierre Marcolini. You see, its red love chocolate is full of love.

The Belgian chocolate master Pierre Marcolini, who is the blood belle of Italy, has great talent for sweet and chocolate from childhood. He won the world dessert champion at the age of 31, and he won the European dessert champion title again 5 years later. He also carried out the concept of Bean-to-Bar thoroughly, starting from the origin of chocolate beans. He insisted on personally visiting different cocoa beans, picking and baking in their own factories, and then making chocolate.

His family's chocolate shape is generally relatively simple, at the same time without loss of delicate, and rich and varied taste, very reflected in the selection and standard. In addition to the black and smart blocks from different Grand Cru, and the classic hazel Praline, only 4mm thick, there are still various kinds of sandwich chocolates (Palets Fins). Of course, there is also the most suitable heart chocolate to express love.

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