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What chocolate have you sent to your girlfriend

chocolate-machines.com chocolate-machines.com 2018-03-07 11:06:06
Which brand of chocolate do you always send to your girlfriend? You must say "Godiva or Lindt".But this brand has been out, Today we will talk about the high level and high chocolate forced brands


The boutique chocolate brand from Italy was founded by the world's first female chocolate master Cecilia Tessieri and her brother Alessio Tessieri.In the beginning, he made a monopoly on the 7 years' output of Chuao village, one of the good cocoa producing areas in Venezuela. After that, he only chose the top place cocoa beans. Most of them were their cocoa beans plantations. From its founding to now, just more than 20 years, Amedei is the world's top chocolate representative and won many gold medal in various chocolate Contest

Although,each of Amedei are delicious, but the most worth recommended or its Porcelana and 9, the former is the famous village of Chuao, the single source of chocolate, is used to 100% known rare pure Criollo cocoa beans (Porcelana), then the general chocolate do not know where to go high, also is the price of the latter; it is the combination of the 9 top manor cocoa works show a first-class technology deployment Amedei.


In the nearly European dominated boutique chocolate industry, the Amano from the United States is rather rare. What's more, it is the first American bean-to-bar chocolate awarded by Academy of Chocolate and tied with Amedei. It can be said that it is the most tasting Black Brand in the United States.

The most recommended Amano of Madagascar Madagascar 70%, thick berry and cocoa flavor, fresh and pleasant, it is the gold medal with Amedei Porcelana at that time.(cereal bar forming machine Manufacturers)


Don't look at it with the simple packaging ugly in appearance, the Nordic cold fan of chocolate, is actually a prize winner, exemplary top Madagascar cocoa beans, by black chocolate lovers, this is a popular real for two years.

The father of Bertil Akesson, the founder of Akesson, was a Swedish diplomat in Paris. She settled in Madagascar in the 70s of last century and bought several manor gardens. Bertil started his cocoa bean planting Road, and he kept learning how to improve the quality of cocoa beans. Later, many famous chocolate brands came to buy cocoa beans planted in his home. After that, he began to try to use his own beans to make chocolate. As a result, he won a lot of awards at the end of his hand.(chocolate beans making machine)

If you taste the classic Madagascar 75% Criollo cocoa, will understand it deserved. Its elegant and delicate aroma, the entrance can feel fresh berry fruit and citrus fruit aroma, acidity is high and fresh, the aftertaste is rich, the whole is very harmonious and balanced. Akesson's manor also has pepper and spices besides cocoa beans. Therefore, some Akesson black chic will also add some pepper to it, giving it more complex flavor and interest. It is also worth trying. There are also many awards.

Chocolat Bonnat

The famous French brand of old chocolate, though packaging looks outdated, is a good source of many single origin chocolate lovers. It also won numerous awards in chocolate awards. Its status is quite high.

The first chocolate world is not a single origin concept. The cocoa beans here take a little, there is a little, but it can make chocolate anyway. But in the 80s of last century, Bonnat introduced a single origin chocolate series for the first time. There were 7 chocolates from 7 places of origin, and they were stunned by a lot of people at that time. It can be said that Bonnat is a worthy ancestor and pioneer of the single origin chocolate.(high quality chocolate bean equipment)

Today, Bonnat is probably cooperating with 35 cocoa producing areas around the world, so you will find that Bonnat's single origin chocolate is very comprehensive, and each of them has its own unique flavor and aroma.