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Chocolate password: how can sweet be created?

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-12-05
Someone once asked a question, "why does chocolate have to do with love?"The girl, make the chocolate with the hand, with the boy of the secret love. Boyfriend, buy flowers and chocolates, smile for your girlfriend. Chocolate and roses are the good sweeteners of love.

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Maybe it's the chocolate brand, the years of advertising brainwashing. Or, more sensually, the answer is that chocolate has a unique and smooth texture with a bitter taste in it. This sweet is a little bitter, just as the real love in general, the bitter taste, the final expectation is sweet Happy Ending.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular custom Automatic Chocolate Making Machine Manufacturers.

There is actually a secret secret code between kili and love, which is "temperature".

Only dessert. The profound understanding of, "temperature" is the key to open the door, no temperature control, will not be able to inspire the unique flavor of chocolate and smooth taste, also won't be able to borrow chocolate offer the confession of love.

How is chocolate created?

The cacao tree, discovered in the americas, is known as Theobroma cacao, meaning "the food of the gods". From the cacao tree just picked fresh beans, basically except bitter no taste, only after a period of fermentation and moderate after baking, cocoa astringency will disappear, cocoa flavor was able to get out.

The oldest way of eating cocoa is to drink it as a drink, the origin of the hot cocoa we drink today. Cocoa, drink history, almost can be traced back to BC Maya period of life, then people will cocoa after grinding, add flower, red pepper, vanilla, wild honey flavor, to make drinks. Legend has it that this drink is aphrodisiac.

Edible solid chocolate was not officially invented until 1847. Thanks to the Dutch Conrad van hao temple (Conrad van Houten) developed by screw press, managed to develop the particle separation, cocoa butter and cocoa cocoa butter became the key to develop modern chocolate, cocoa particles become cocoa powder.

But the taste of chocolate was still very rough, until 1878, when the Swiss Rudolf dolittle Rudolphe Lindt invented screw machine, continuously for several days mixed grinding cocoa beans, sugar and milk powder and other raw materials, to make the quality of chocolate is very detailed, it did not appear the chocolate taste we know today.

What is the effect of temperature on the texture of chocolate?

Rising temperatures do not make chocolate too much of a problem. But the process of cooling is elusive.

Chocolate changes from fluid to solid, and as the temperature drops, there are six distinct fat crystals. There is only one among them, the crystals - Beta Crystal (Beta Crystal) produced in 32 ~ 34 ℃, is considered to be the stable Crystal of chocolate.

The chocolate on the market is controlled by precise cooling temperatures. Usually when we're eating chocolate, we don't have a sticky hand. Unless, in the process of transportation or sale of chocolate, unfortunately, it is exposed to high temperatures, especially in the summer. In that case, the chocolate melts and resolidifies in the packaging. If you're unlucky enough to buy such a chocolate, you can try it yourself, using what's described below - "a simplified thermostat for your family", and save chocolate.

The common denominator between chocolate and love is that you need to be careful to control the cooling process after a rapid rise. Knowing this mystery, whether it's chocolate or love, you can have the freedom to create sweetness.

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