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Candy Candy machine how to deal with market differentiation

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-22

Although the first quarter of this year, China chocolate grew by 4%, but this increase was significantly lower than the same period in 2014. Weakness in the overall confectionery market, so good performance of last year in the Chinese market makes this year good feel significant pressure. According to the company a quarterly show, category growth slowed and consumer downturn led to its sales rose in China fell by 47%. The contrast in 2014, their sales growth as high as 30%. Due to this factor, trustworthy chocolate machine supplier china, YOQ also suffered first quarter this year. 2% increase for this chocolate making machine China is just not enough. The aim for them is become chocolate machine supplier around the world.

    For this rather contrasting figures, Hershey Shi Lang Fei, general manager of Greater China explained that China's economic slowdown on the one hand, the other is the Chinese New Year sales did not like we expected so good. Hershey faces competition in the Chinese market is not easy. In addition, market competition is not only to face the large market environment, but also on their competitors. In the gift market, Hershey weaker than Ferrero; in the field of exhaust block chocolate, the advantage is even more obvious Dove. Faced with competition, the chance for a good time is to sink to the three or four lines. If supplemented by appropriate discounts, it is easier to grab Ferrero and Dove part of the market. The task for chocolate coating machine supplier is also in a tough time. The deep relationship between YOQ and Hershey make them a couple. The recent good chocolate making machinery china and future chocolate machine global supplier will go through a unstable period.

    Although the first quarter results under pressure, but it seems to fly Shi Lang, Swiss chocolate per capita consumption is 10 kg per year, the United States is five kilograms, China only a few grams. The Chinese market is still in progress. So does the good chocolate making machinery china. First thing for the chocolate coating machine supplier is make the throne of trustworthy chocolate machine supplier china stable.

    It is noteworthy that, although the potential is huge, but the Chinese candy market also quietly differentiation. Insiders pointed out that the hard candy and toffee market is declining, different candy category is looking for a different selling point to meet the different needs of consumers. Gum caters to the needs of consumers frequent social; the main children's consumption of gum; chocolate is to meet the needs of the consumer to upgrade. In this kind of market differentiation, gum and chocolate is the fastest growing confectionery is relatively high profit category. For YOQ, the chocolate making machine china, still have much works to do. It is not easy to become chocolate machine supplier globally. In other word, it is chocolate machine global supplier.

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