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Mousse is a romantic dessert!

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-05-17

Mousse is a kind of milk-style dessert, you can eat or do cake directly. Usually by adding cream and coagulant to cause thick and frozen effect. Mousse is from the French transliteration, mousse cake first appeared in the food capital of Paris, France, the original masters in the cream to join the stabilizing effect and improve the structure, taste and flavor of various accessories, so that appearance, color, Structure, rich taste changes, more natural and pure, frozen after eating its taste infinite, become the good in the cake.Mousse is made with gelatin and cheese and fresh cream without baking. Is the representative of today's senior cake. Summer to cryopreservation, winter without refrigeration can save 3-5 days.

Mousse and pudding are a kind of dessert, its nature is more soft than the pudding, the entrance that is. The most important thing is the production of mousse jelly raw materials such as agar, fish powder, jelly powder, and now there are special mousse powder. Another production is the biggest feature of the formula in the protein, egg yolk, fresh cream must be separately with the sugar to send, and then mix and mix well, so the texture is more soft, a bit like a fresh cream. Mousse use jelly raw material is animal glue, so need to be stored at low temperature.

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