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This Christmas: let wine romance meet chocolate sweet

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-12-26
Wine and chocolate may sound romantic, but to be honest, putting them together is not necessarily the case. Most of the time, if you bite into the mouth of a chocolate bar, you won't be able to give you any pleasure. Because most of the sweet and greasy chocolate doesn't taste good, it sticks to your palate, not to mention wine. If discuss with wine, what we need is good quality, can you knock a sum of money, stimulate the taste buds at the same time elegant fine chocolate aftertaste, only the kind to discuss with wine. But you have to choose carefully, to make the two of them equal, to prevent one side from suppressing the other.We are small chocolate filling machine supplier china, If you need any machine, please contact us.

film and television in one of the most common champagne with chocolate is not a good idea, actually chocolate makes champagne tastes more acerbic, both the wine and chocolate itself has a strong personality, once encounter will be for control and attention. Chocolate in your mouth you will feel the sweet tannins, grease, and even some acidity soil fragrance, but when you have a dry mouth type wine, cocktail party swept to grease and sweet feeling, let your taste buds to feel rough tannins and acidity. To get the two together, we can only limit the selection of the wine, and choose the wine that will be modest, such as those that are slightly sweeter than chocolate. In general, fortified liquors can work well with chocolate, such as potter, Madeira and sweet sherry.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular chocolate conching machinery supplier.

Some classic chocolate-and-wine cases:

White chocolate: the aroma of white chocolate is so delicate that it can be easily overwhelmed with any liqueur. The good choice here is spirits, such as brandy, whiskey or Chinese liquor (spirits are also great for other types of chocolate).

Milk chocolate: tea colour porter, Madeira, and Vin Santo.

Dark chocolate: ruby red potter, vintage vintage, vintage potter, Madeira.

Chocolate with nuts: Madeira, tea color porter, PX sherry or creamy sherry.

Chocolate with berries: refreshing sweet sparkling wine (similar to Moscato d 'asti).

Caramel chocolate: PX sherry, Vin Santo, cream snow pear, Madeira.

If you really want to try the collocation of chocolate and wine, and worry about the wrong wine, can consider to use chocolate flavor dessert, that as long as dessert itself can't more than the sweetness of wine, can easily combine for perfect match.

Finally, remember that there is never an absolute answer to the wine pairing.

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