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Bananas are paired with chocolate

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-12-26
One day, the parents didn't know where to bring a bunch of bananas, or they were born. After a few days, the banana is slowly mature, I worry: that big string, how to eat! You know I don't like raw bananas!! But such a good banana could not be wasted, so I took out my house-watching skills: bread pudding was made, and a few chocolate bars were added to it. Chocolate is our inventory. Haha, that's the same thing: look at your fridge before you make breakfast. The result, the taste is really good!

Then it's like discovering the new world: bananas and chocolate are perfect partners! Actually, many people are already making banana chocolate food.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most chocolate forming machine supplier china.

Why are bananas and chocolate the good partner?

First look at bananas: bananas, which europeans call "happy fruit", are said to relieve depression and make people happy. The banana is also known as the "fruit of wisdom" in India. Legend has it that sakyamuni Buddha ate bananas and gained wisdom. In our case, bananas are a great weight loss for many people.

The banana has five functions: replenish energy, protect gastric mucosa, lower blood pressure, moisten the intestines, and help sleep.

From the perspective of TCM, banana flavor is sweet and cold. Enter the lung and spleen. Heat, moisten, detoxify. Cure fever of thirst, constipation, hemorrhoid blood. It has many benefits. However, Chinese medicine reminds everyone: the spleen and stomach is cold, the diarrhea of diarrhea should be careful. Acute chronic nephritis and renal insufficiency of the diet.

That is to say, the banana is cold fruit, the person of the stomach cold, the person of all sorts of cold disease should be careful to eat. But we Chinese traditional Chinese medicine has a particular, namely: cold is hot, hot is cold - ha ha, good have a word of philosophy. To put it bluntly, since it's cold, it's not impossible to eat, but add something hot to it.

Let's look at chocolate again:

hot chocolate is a high-calorie food, with a high fat content, which can quickly replenish the energy required by the body. According to our understanding, chocolate is a hot food, so it's absolutely right to go with a cold banana. And two, one black and one white, it's quite a match. The taste is also very exquisite! Again, banana is happy food, chocolate is also ah, strong force together, happy double oh!!We are chocolate grinding machine china, If you need any machine, please contact us.

So let's eat and eat.

My banana chocolate partner breakfast:

The simplest: chocolate banana bread pudding, banana chocolate cereal pudding

Take a plate, into slices or pieces of banana, again on the shop level package (you can also add some dried fruit such as raisins what blueberry), pour egg liquid cream, finally put some chocolate on top (exquisite point can lay chopped chocolate in i
t), oven roasted (or boiler steam). OK! Simple!!!!For more information, you can click chocolate factory machines china.

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