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Are you ready for valentine's day?

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-12-28
Despite the fact that beautiful women generally love a little more makeup, chocolate is still a good choice because they taste just as sweet as the taste of love. It is said that one of the ingredients of chocolate, phenylamine, can cause changes in hormones in the body similar to those in love. Received chocolate on valentine's day, but also a lover of the expression of your love, two people together to eat chocolate, like the feelings for each other to melt into the heart, to think is really sweet and beautiful ~

Here are some of the beauties who might say that although chocolate is really tasty, it is sweet, after all, that it is more likely to be fat. In fact, as long as the proper food, chocolate not only does not cause gain weight, but also beneficial to the health, to the girl's skin has a great advantage. In addition, eating chocolate before menstruation can also help women to reduce menstrual dysphoria. Dark chocolate with low sugar content can help eliminate fat. It can be seen that some chocolate is more beneficial than bad.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular custom
chocolate cooling tunnel company.

1. Alleviate diarrhea:

Dark chocolate cocoa content ranged from 50% ~ 90%, cacao contains a called flavonoids polyphenol content, inhibit intestinal protein, chloride ion, and the absorption of moisture, so as to reduce water loss and prevent people from diarrhoea dehydration effect.For more information, you can click OEM chocolate enrober china
2. Relieve stress:

Chocolate improves the level of a chemical called "serotoing" in the brain. It can give people a sense of peace, better eliminate the tension and play a role in relieving stress.

3. Prevention of a cold:

Chocolate contains cocoa alkaloids which are good for your nervous system and are more effective than common cold medicines.

4. Stable blood glucose:

A study in Italy found that healthy people eat dark chocolate for 15 days, 100 grams a day, and are more sensitive to insulin. Doctors estimate that dark chocolate may help diabetics. A new study has found that flavanols in dark chocolate can help smooth blood sugar.

5. Prevention of stroke:

Dark chocolate contains a compound that can reduce brain damage within three to five hours of stroke. Eating some chocolate a week reduced the risk of stroke by 22 percent, the researchers said.

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