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Cocoa Butter--- YOQ

  • Author:Tony
  • Release on:2015-08-18

                         Cocoa Butter--- YOQ
The addition of Cocoa Butter is optional when making Dark Chocolate with a cocoa solids of 70% or more, perfectly acceptable chocolate can be made from just the pure cocoa plus sugar. However if you are planning to make Dark Chocolate with cocoa solids of less than 70%, we highly recommend adding 6-8% of Cocoa Butter. As this will result in a more balanced chocolate which will be easy to temper and mould without adding any emulsifiers like Lecithin.

Cocoa Butter is obtained by physically pressing cocoa mass to expel the naturally ocurring fat (Cocoa Mass is approx 55% Cocoa Butter and 45% dry non-fat Cocoa Solids) and we offer both natural undeodorised (which retains a cocoa flavour and aroma) or deodorised (a process to remove unwanted flavours from fats and oils thus creating a bland but stable fat). Deodorised Cocoa Butter is typical in Europe and is also used in Cosmetics and other applications.

Then, chocolate melting machine is one of the main machines in chocolate production which is used for melting cocoa butter, or chocolate.

Its feature is steady and effective, moreover its quality is reliable.

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