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Chinese anti-cancer medicine approved by the US FDA to enter Phase III clinical trials

  • Author:Jo
  • Source:Jo
  • Release on:2015-06-28
Chinese scientists announced on 27th, that the intellectual property of anti-cancer medicine - KLT treatment of pancreatic cancer has completed Phase II clinical trials in the United States, and passed the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) entering phase III clinical trials, to expand the use of cancer patients in the United States. If KLT pass through Phase III clinical trials, it will be expected to become the first traditional Chinese medicine injection allowed to enter the US market, .

KLT was made by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine researcher Li Dapeng led the research team to extract anticancer ingredient mainly from Yiren. Yiren belongs to Gramineae,which is a Southeast China People edible plants.

According to reports, phase III clinical trials will also be launched in China, the United States, Europe, a total of 750 patients were enrolled with an expected to cost $ 50 million.

Chinese medicine is widely respected in China, but not in the international, for example,acupuncture has thousands of years of history in China, in recent decades, acupuncture is gradually gain more awareness and acceptance of Westerners.

Before making the test in the United States, KLT has applied a patent in Japan, European Union, Russia and other 11 countries and regions. Since 2001, the injection started to make clinical trials in the Russian, obtain the certificate of registration of drugs of Russian Ministry of Health in 2003, and used in the Russia market in 2005.

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