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Dark chocolate.

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  • Release on:2018-01-08
Since the beginning of the 16th century, spaniards have brought back and planted cacao trees from South America, and chocolate, the cacao food, has become popular in Europe.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular chocolate machine manufacturers.

The original chocolate was found in liquid form, with a bitter taste, known as "bitter water," which was used to boost spirits and was first used as a drug. Gradually added to sugar, milk and other improvements, and added cocoa butter to make it solid, eventually became a symbol of love and sweetness.

Of all the chocolates, my favorite is dark chocolate.For more information, you can click chocolate machine manufacturers china..

Although some milk chocolate is more common on the market, but because of its cocoa content is generally not more than 40%, milk and sugar to taste almost completely hidden, common taste sweet, especially some foreign brands, a small piece of entrance can staining frowned.

In comparison, the cocoa content of 70% or more of dark chocolate contains slightly less sugar, can counteract the bitter taste of the original, properly taste very gentle, can also taste a cocoa is mellow, is tooth cheek.

In general, the higher the cocoa content, the lower the sweetness of the dark chocolate, the bitterness is increased, about 80% is my favorite proportion, the feeling is just right, and more easily accepted by the beginners. If you like something sweet, 70% is more flattering.

I would take them back to a few local dark chocolates and savor them. To me, this is not so much a simple food as it is more like carrying a variety of emotions and experiences, sweet and bitter intermingling with each other, like life, the five flavors interwoven, hope forever in.We are chocolate equipment supplier china, If you need any machine, please contact us.

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