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Sweet how to create?

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2018-01-08
Someone once asked a question: "Why is chocolate related to love?"

Girl, making chocolate with her own hands and telling the boy the secret love. Boyfriend, buy flowers and chocolate, smile for your girlfriend. Chocolate and rose are the good sweets of love. We are Automatic Chocolate Maker MakerIf you need any machine, please contact us.

Perhaps this is the era of chocolate brands, advertising brainwashing. Or, the more sensory answer is that chocolate has a unique and smooth texture that has a bitter taste. This is a bittersweet place, just like love in the real world, with the final expectation of a sweet happy ending.

Between chocolate and love, there is actually a secret code, which is "temperature."

Only dessert. Deep understanding, "temperature" is the key to open the door, without temperature control, you can not stimulate the unique flavor and taste of chocolate, chocolate will not be able to offer love confession. YOQ chocolate machinery most poupular Chocolate equipment suppliers China

Edible solid chocolate was not formally invented until 1847. As Conrad van Houten, a Dutch screwmill developed, managed to develop a particle separation technology where cocoa butter and cocoa butter became the key to the development of modern chocolate, cocoa granulated into cocoa powder.

But the taste of chocolate was still very rough until Rudolphe Lindt, a Swiss Rudolph Bunny invented a screw machine in 1878, and grinding raw materials such as cacao beans, sugar and powdered milk for several days made the quality of the chocolate very good and detailed, without it We know the chocolate taste today.

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