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You can eat a bar of chocolate before the college entrance examination.

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-05
Upcoming annual "college entrance examination season", each candidate parents and candidates, all hope that in a critical period of time, the brain can achieve the good running state. To this end, many parents will pay great attention to children during the college entrance examination diet. Famous health care experts, the former director of the Anhui provincial health department Dai Guangqiang for candidates drying out "private college entrance examination recipes.

"You can eat a bar of chocolate before exams." glucose in the blood is the brain's only source of energy and the brain's only source of energy." Dai Guangqiang told reporters that the blood glucose in the commonly known as "blood sugar", "the brain cannot operate without glucose, brain body weight accounted for only 2%, but it consumes energy (glucose) accounted for more than 20% of total energy, and almost no brain glucose storage." Dai Guangqiang explained that if you can not get glucose from the blood or can not timely supplement glucose, then the brain glucose will be exhausted in a few minutes.

A study showed that high normal blood glucose levels can make students in difficult and challenging mental tests to improve performance, because the brain needs to be decomposed more glucose in high activity, work hard, and you need to constantly replenish supplies. "Mental activities are intense, and adequate blood sugar or the supply of brain glucose is more important." This requires the body's blood sugar levels to be normal, Dai Guangqiang says, and keeps the normal high blood sugar level steady for some time. In a study of chocolate ingredients, researchers at a university in Britain found that flavanols contained in chocolate increased brain blood flow, Dai Guangqiang said. The researchers believe that chocolate may be helpful for things that are difficult to do and require mental effort. "This is a good thing, chocolate itself students love to eat, and eat, but also improve the examination room intelligence play."." Chocolate can also regulate mood and stabilize mood, Dai Guangqiang says.Supplier:chocolate enrobing machine on sale, chocolate enrober for sale, automatic chocolate enrobing machine

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